Invitation for Churches:

For ChurchesLeaders of Faith, fling open your doors and expect a bountiful harvest!  You are invited to attend your respective regional event, bring your fundraising, charity, mission and outreach programs, for Heaven's sake bring your bake sale and other food items, and interact with fellow citizens while witnessing your good works bless the numerous people wandering about at these huge Expo events.

We cordially invite you to come enjoy the event, to come be blessed, and to come bless many others with your nuggets of wisdom and truth for today's parents and families.  They will all be plenty hungry for those baked goods, too, so if your group is bringing those, you might also consider having ice cold bottles of water handy to go along with yummy foods at your Exhibitor space.  Perhaps also mention living water.

We further encourage you to bring along facepainters to this Expo event, perhaps a few young babysitter types that would appreciate earning sizable amounts of pocket monies for enjoying dressing up the faces of the children at this event, and someone who will make balloon animals for the children, and for those of us "older kids" too :)

Come for an increase!  What would you do with a larger congregation, new mission volunteers, more giving and re-giving flowing in all directions, and a new measure of Faith energizing your goals and plans, empowering you into new accomplishments?

Now, for an event that inherently combines family, government, churches, nonprofits and other businesses with the general public, all for a simple, no-brainer holiday that naturally endears to everyone, you absolutely know there will be a wide variety of new knowledge shared, also new ideas, methods, and products displayed, and that others will eventually become reality, just because these demographics are brought together.  This is the hotbed described on the government invitation, and the wise faith leader might study up on this Expo event, in order to plan much better ahead.

No matter which regional event you are attending you can sign up for participation quickly and easily.  You'll be glad you did, and the public will greatly appreciate you.

Don't Forget the Proclamations:

Don't forget to promote requesting of official Parents Day Proclamations from your state governor, mayor and/or even other local government officials, using the totally free templates provided, and please consider joining everyone else across the USA within the directly related Trump Challenge: Remind Trump to honor Parents Day!

Bring a copy of your successful Parents Day 2020 Proclamation to your Regional Expo event to include on display with others, and we promise it will be kept safe in plastic.

Note: This website is under constant construction. So, please don't hesitate to come check back often for important updates, like any new events being planned in your local area.