Local Events in Major Metros:

As worthy additions to the seven highlighted regional events, we will gladly include, within the table below, the link to your website or webpage with sufficient details and information regarding hosting your own aligned Parents Day local event scheduled within any of these 314 American cities all having at least 100,000 people within their incorporated boundaries or within any state capital city regardless of population.

Pop. Rank: City: Population: Event Link:
3 Chicago, IL 2,704,958 Click Here
9 Dallas, TX 1,317,929 Click Here
12 Jacksonville, FL 880,619 Click Here
19 Denver, CO 693,060 Click Here
21 Boston, MA 673,184 Click Here
20 Washington, DC 681,170 Click Here
35 Sacramento, CA 495,234 Click Here

If you are considering hosting a local Parents Day event, then try to get it posted for the benefit of others as soon as humanly possible, so people can plan out their trip.


Although written to guide the regional events, hosts of local Parents Day events will find most of this PDF event guide a good reference for different aspects of putting their local event together, including certain event requirements to get listed above.

Design Your Local Event in 3D?

While certainly not required, you might want to use the SketchUp Free 3D modeling program to design and layout your event's various areas and locations for everything.

However, while SketchUp Free works great within all known browsers ("web-based software"), if you have any decent modern desktop computer, then we recommend and provide this archive download link (121 MB) to the 2016 version of SketchUp "Make" (the free version of full-blown desktop SketchUp), and then the picture below is a snapshot of a custom 3D SketchUp model, created with the parts and pieces you need to design and layout your entire event, which you can download here (9 MB):

Use This SketchUp 3D Model
Click the above preview-sized image to view the full-sized version (2 MB)

If you would like even more items to design with than are already included within the above custom 3D model, you can always grab whatever else you need from the vast library of SketchUp models at the 3D WareHouse and other places online.  You can also use either Google Maps or Google Earth to capture the aerial view of your event grounds, and then actually use that within SketchUp as your ground-level backdrop.

Get the Gear for Parents Day:

Fired up for Parents Day!Rock your display of support for all parents by getting the gear for your local Parents Day Expo event, including custom social memes, graphics to make event posters with, and other stuff.  Check the CAPRA e-Store for "branded" clothing, travel, camping, and other cool items.

The good cause for restoring and protecting the American Family desperately needs your help, so tell as many different people, organizations, churches, government officials, and businesses as you possibly can.  Repeat often as needed :)

Don't Forget the Proclamations:

Don't forget to promote requesting of official Parents Day Proclamations from your state governor, mayor and/or even other local government officials, using the totally free templates provided, and please consider joining everyone else across the USA within the directly related Trump Challenge: Remind Trump to honor Parents Day!

Bring a copy of your successful Parents Day 2020 Proclamation to your own local Expo event to include on display with others, and we suggest you keep it safe in plastic too.

Note: This website is under constant construction. So, please don't hesitate to come check back often for important updates, like any new events being planned in your local area.