Invitation for Nonprofits:

For NonprofitsNewer, better, faster, bigger, taller, longer, and stronger.  No matter how small or large your nonprofit is today, your mission goals require your group to grow, sooner or later.

To grow ahead of the curve, you need new ideas and methods to accomplish a victory over the regular crowd.  You must be in the know, and sooner than others are, because the savvy operator recognizes opportunity when it comes knocking, seizes the moment, and gets rewarded for time invested.

Now, for an event that inherently combines family, government, churches, business, and other nonprofits with the general public, all for a simple, no-brainer holiday that naturally endears to everyone, you absolutely know there will be a wide variety of new knowledge shared, also new ideas, methods, and products displayed, and that others will eventually become reality, just because these demographics are brought together.  This is the hotbed described on the government invitation, and the smart nonprofit might read up on the other invitations, in order to plan much better ahead.

No matter which regional event you are attending you can sign up for participation quickly and easily.  You'll be glad you did, and the public will greatly appreciate you.

Don't Forget the Proclamations:

Don't forget to promote requesting of official Parents Day Proclamations from your state governor, mayor and/or even other local government officials, using the totally free templates provided, and please consider joining everyone else across the USA within the directly related Trump Challenge: Remind Trump to honor Parents Day!

Bring a copy of your successful Parents Day 2020 Proclamation to your Regional Expo event to include on display with others, and we promise it will be kept safe in plastic.

Note: This website is under constant construction. So, please don't hesitate to come check back often for important updates, like any new events being planned in your local area.