Invitation for Presenters:

For PresentersWith so many possibilities, there's definitely a spot for you.  A nearly infinite variety of subjects touch upon our modern American families, both parents and children alike.  In the end, all of those go back to better parenting, by learning more, in order to train, lead and guide children better for the future.

The online speaker registration form indicates three (3) timeslot lengths available for different speakers of various recognition levels.  Simply put, as long as your topic is something informative for parents, children and/or family, and presented in a positive manner, then you should contribute that topical knowledge, and allow others to benefit from your wealth of experience, research, and/or work regarding your chosen topic of important interest.

In our world of families that sometimes hurt and need for guidance and assistance, you can create positive change, by being a light of wisdom to enhance others' lives.

With a variety of speaker presentations by impacted individual parents, by principals of nonprofits and other businesses, by alert and responsive leaders of government, by various candidates running for 2020 political offices, plus by all sorts of family, parent and/or child-related organizations, and also perhaps by the very boldest members of the general public, we encourage you to contribute your voice to this historic event.

No matter which regional event you are attending you can sign up for participation quickly and easily.  You'll be glad you did, and the public will greatly appreciate you.

Don't Forget the Proclamations:

Don't forget to promote requesting of official Parents Day Proclamations from your state governor, mayor and/or even other local government officials, using the totally free templates provided, and please consider joining everyone else across the USA within the directly related Trump Challenge: Remind Trump to honor Parents Day!

Bring a copy of your successful Parents Day 2020 Proclamation to your Regional Expo event to include on display with others, and we promise it will be kept safe in plastic.

Note: This website is under constant construction. So, please don't hesitate to come check back often for important updates, like any new events being planned in your local area.