Official Parents Day Proclamations:

Still one of our favorites, the 2010 proclamation issued by Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio:

2010 Tampa Mayor Parents Day Proclamation


Sunday, July 26th, will be NATIONAL PARENTS DAY

By operation of federal law (Title 36 U.S.C., Section 135), the annual fourth Sunday of July is the official national holiday known as Parents Day, and every level of local, state and federal government is directed by this law to officially (actually..) recognize the sheer importance of parents in the lives of children "through proclamations, activities, and educational efforts" - i.e., government must agree, and also put that in fancy writing, plus DO something "educational" about it, just because you reminded them all about it!  In other words, the law gives you a quick and easy Proclamation process to get from EVERY government official.  You can also see the same law here.

Previous PARENTS DAY Proclamations:  Going back merely to 2005, we collected just several of the very best samples from previous Governors and Mayors, plus one of the last ones issued by any U.S. President, and put them all online for you, so check 'em out!  See the About page for various other Presidential Parents Day Proclamations.

Get YOUR proclamation in just THREE EASY STEPS:

For electronic submissions by email:  Simply "print" your Cover Letter and proposed Parents Day Proclamation separately into those two corresponding PDF files, instead of onto two sheets of paper.  Instead of just clicking the [default] print icon, pick the manual "File > Print..." drop-down menu choices, where you will get a print dialog box, so you can choose a different printer device, i.e., your "PrimoPDF" printer "device" --> after you download and install the free PrimoPDF.  Attach all three PDF files to an email and simply write a few words to ask for a proclamation!

The Trump Challenge:

Remind Trump: Honor Parents Day!

See the About page for more history details, but the short story is that President Bush issued the last presidential Parents Day proclamation in 2008 (his eighth in a row...), but Obama never issued even a single one, which (together with a whole lot of things happening throughout his entire first couple years...) is probably why President Trump hasn't even yet been made aware of that prior ongoing presidential tradition in annual Parents Day Proclamations.  Both Clinton and Bush issued one every year...

So, duh, we want everyone to bombard the White House with their written requests for President Trump to issue his appropriate Parents Day Proclamation this year.  We will use the same three-page template package as above for Governors, Mayors and other leaders of government, but the real trick is in sending the requests to the right persons within the White House administration (so they actually get to the President).

After doing the research for you, here are the best methods of requesting President Trump to issue his corresponding proclamation this year:

NOTES:  (1) If you are sending physical mail, DO NOT use just plain old stamps-on-an-envelope, because that will actually take months to (if ever) reach the President, but instead you should use any kind of "tracked" mail service ("express" or "overnight" or "flat rate" or any other form of tracked delivery), because they figure, for security reasons, that if you had to personally interact with some clerk at FedEx or UPS or DHL or the US Post Office, then your envelope is probably safe (seriously).  (2) Also if you use physical mail, mark "Proclamation Request" prominently visible in an appropriate location on the front face of your envelope.  (3) Do the same with email, or the online contact form, and/or with social media accounts, i.e., somehow appropriately include "Proclamation Request" within your email subject line, within any subject line for your contact form message, within your tweet, within your post and/or whatever else used.

Get the Gear for Parents Day:

Fired up for Parents Day!Rock your display of support for all parents by getting the gear for your great Parents Day Expo event, including custom social memes, graphics to make event posters with, and other stuff.  Check the CAPRA e-Store for "branded" clothing, travel, camping, and other cool items.

The good cause for restoring and protecting the American Family desperately needs your help, so tell as many different people, organizations, churches, government officials, and businesses as you possibly can.  Repeat often as needed :)

Note: This website is under constant construction. So, please don't hesitate to come check back often for important updates, like any new events being planned in your local area.