Region 6:  Upper + Lower Senate Park, Washington DC

Regional Event Dates and Times:

All times are local to event.  Visit the onsite Welcome Center upon arrival for more information and to learn about any additional activities included at the last minute:


Regional Event Highlights/Features:

The following are among the several more major features and highlights expected at all seven Parents Day Expo regional events.  The separate Region 6 Expo event website has its own fully detailed weekend schedule, listings of actual speakers and performers, and so forth.  The official Region 6 event team members are listed here.

**  Celebrating National Parents DayCollectible custom adult General Admission all-event wristbands are $1 each for unlimited access to the entire huge Expo weekend, available for cash at the event gate area only, all visibly younger children and any teenager or college student with a currently valid school ID card enjoy free admission, qualified pets are no extra charge, General Admission wristbands are included free with reservations of onsite camping sites and exhibitor spaces, and the same collectible all-event Expo wristbands are also included free for each speaker, performer, and similar event participant-contributor

**  MVP Awards for the top six (6) "Most Valuable Parents" from within Region 6, all trophies to be personally awarded with full honors during livestreamed ceremonies on the Main Stage, you can be a winner too, see the exciting details on the Homepage

**  We The People!2020 political candidates, attending from their own different political parties and places, all running for different elected offices within their different areas and all speaking at this Parents Day regional event to earn your trust, support and vote

**  Come literally witness a virtual Who's Who of current activism movement personalities, all speaking live upon the Main Stage about today's most important issues and related calls for action and support, the latest news from the battle lines, cutting edge winning strategies, and more, all of it livestreamed

**  Plenty of live entertainment is expected between blocks of speakers, including musical performances, and perhaps even some cool magic and comedy acts as well

**  Engage and experience interactive livestreaming between all seven (7) regional events by visiting the Hall of Champions, see the exciting details on the Homepage

**  Ridiculously Cheap Exhibitor Spaces50+ exhibitor spaces available onsite, first come first served, as featured areas of the Parents Day Expo event grounds, with a basic 15' x 15' exhibitor site reserved for only a token $30 for the full entire weekend event, and with larger sizes available, for marketing your family-related products, seminar, or services to the demographically interested crowds, exhibitor space price includes option to camp and stay overnights within the same exhibitor space if desired, each exhibitor space also includes two (2) General Admission all-event wristbands, adjoining spaces can be reserved together

**  Unique "networking-meeting stations" for each and every different State within the overall Region 6, just look for your own State flag waving to hookup onsite easily

**  Onsite wide variety of convenient hot foods, snacks, cold drinks, and even frozen treats, available to satisfy every kind of craving, provided by local churches, local food trucks, and similar food-related exhibitors attending from the local event metro area

**  Long-Distance RidesharingDedicated event ridesharing forum expressly provided for the Drivers and Riders from throughout all the States of Region 6 heading towards the big event

**  Onsite various children's activities and amusements, including facepainting and portable play structures ("moon bounce" and similar), and friendly pets controlled on short leashes are welcome to come hang out and have fun with all of the humans too

**  Finally get to personally meet lots of those many people you already know from online, increase and strengthen friendships, and be able get more done, faster and better for general advocacy of the various rights and interests of all family members

**  Ridiculously Cheap Camping SitesAt least 300+ tent spaces available onsite, first come first served, for camping directly adjacent to the hotspot Parents Day Expo event grounds, with a basic 20' x 15' tent site reserved for just $12 for the full entire weekend event, and with larger sizes available, sorry no private campfires or any other private open flame sources either allowed or necessary at this middle of Summer event, each tent site price includes one (1) General Admission all-event wristband, adjoining tent sites can be reserved together for multiple campers coming to stay as a group

**  Combination First Aid Station / Lost & Found Station brightly colored and visible from anywhere on the Expo event grounds, also noting that sufficient port-a-potties will be delivered/setup at the event to supplement other lavatory facilities available

**  Official and busy Welcome/Info Center, fully staffed, with program literatures, event maps, the registration/voting systems, and of course, tons of Expo wristbands

Regional Event Overview:

Come attend, mingle, enjoy and experience this event among large crowds, because in keeping with the celebration goals of the law itself, the regional event team will be conducting outreach, inviting local churches and food trucks to come serve meals and drinks to the crowds, also inviting businesses, nonprofits, government officials and candidates for political office, plus family organizations, talented entertainers, and more, to come explore exhibitors, catch big speakers and experience this Expo event, with many of those entities attending for the whole weekend as exhibitors themselves.

Modern SocietyToday's society is very diverse and complex, and so also are the myriad of issues and needs within parenting today's children.  Such a wide array of questions about so many topics requires equally comprehensive solutions and answers, hence best achieved by gathering all of the relevant different aspects of society all together, in one location, at one time.  Bringing all such voices from the public communities, from government and politics, from civics activism, from business, from media, and from family, all together under one roof, should generate and redefine what those best solutions and answers are for exceptionally parenting today's children within all those complex and diverse parameters of our very modern civilized society.

Here is a small highlights sampling of those many persons and entities within the Washington DC metro area to be cordially invited to attend the Region 6 Expo event:

Government Officials: Area Large Employers: Selected Nonprofits:
Mayor Muriel Bowser, and her immediate family members
Attorney General Karl Racine, and his immediate family
District of Columbia Council Members, spouses & families
Senator Paul Strauss, wife Kathy, and their family
Representative Franklin Garcia, and his family
plus even more!
George Washington Univ.
Bank of America
Smithsonian Institution
Washington Hospital Ctr.
Library of Congress
Federal Highway Admin.
Children's National Med.
GEICO Insurance
plus even more!
American Center for Law and Justice
Home School Legal Defense Association
Center for Individual Rights
Family Research Council
Dance Place
Concerned Women for America
Marriage Savers
Capital Area Food Bank
plus even more!

Expect passionate discourse regarding parenting rights and responsibilities, as well as lively discussion and debate surrounding various significant parenting life choices, such as single parenting versus parenting within marriage/remarriage, public schools versus homeschooling versus charter schools versus private schools, parenting theories based upon children's ages, and much more, and expect all of that to be blended via different forms of live entertainment, appearances by personalities, and presentations of awards and other ceremonies, all held within a family, kid, and even pet friendly atmosphere.

High ExpectationsExpect lots of interesting food choices to try out.  Expect to see some video camera drones occasionally buzzing around the Expo event perimeter as part of the ongoing livestreaming channels available online.  Expect to see some media stopping by to grab several interviews for their various human interest and any other such stories.  You should really expect a much larger crowd actually there than you had prior originally expected.  Expect to bring a throw blanket for watching things happening upon the Main Stage.  Expect to need spare batteries for the video recording device and smartphone, expect to enjoy a very memorable lifetime experience, and expect to obtain strong life empowerment.  Expect to start planning your event spot today.

It's all about Parents Day, remember, and the irreplaceable importance of parents in the raising and guidance of our Nation's children to become healthy, happy, and successful Americans of tomorrow.  Bring your support for today's Parenting needs.

Don't miss out!  Get yourself or your group registered today for this fantastic event!

Washington DC Travel/Lodging Info:

View of Washington DCSo you can plan a great time at Upper Senate Park and the National Mall, here are the links to the Dulles and Reagan Airports, the nearby Baltimore-Washington International Airport, as well as various trains, including Amtrak, the Virginia Railway Express, and the Maryland MTA network.  The matching rail-bus-subway WMATA system is the way to get around in DC. Many of these lines meet and transfer through Union Station.  In addition to Greyhound and Trailways, there are several regional bus lines, many with free wireless on board. Looking for nearby hotels?  Use 200 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001 as your address in Orbitz,, or another favorite online hotel search engine.

AirBnB Washington DCHowever, for a group of three (3) or more adults, you might find that opting to book a rental house, condo, corporate suite, villa, or similar is actually less expensive than using hotels.  To help you out quicker, here are links to several online reservation systems for exploring such rentals, including HomeAway, VRBO, also this, this, and even this, but we recommend the Airbnb Washington DC collection of available rental homes.

While there are a number of camping spots to reserve onsite at the Expo event (see the Region 6 Expo event website), there are also other campsites available within the local area, which can be explored via websites like KOA,, Reserve America, Thousand Trails, and the Outdoor Project, and also via federal portals such as, the National Park Service, and the US Forest Service.

Long-Distance RidesharingOne of the most convenient ways to save money while traveling is to connect and share with fellow travelers heading into the event, having either four passengers to a car, or six in a minivan, to maximize gas savings per person (squeezing three people into a back seat might work for daily short commuting, but not at all for long-distance ridesharing). Lyft in Washington DC This usually makes it easier to get around once arrived, if that will even be needed, but check ahead for any overnight parking fees.  Alternatively, once you arrive in town via any method (including via ridesharing), if you have any personal need to shuttle locally, then you can just click the app on your smartphone for the nearest available Lyft driver.

You should focus rideshare hookup on the dedicated ridesharing forum for Region 6, exclusively and expressly provided for all attendees from those several States, and/or find traveling mates upon the CAPRA State-by-State social media forums.  If your travel group is fairly large, consider bus charter from, IMG, or UMA.


Don't miss out!  Get yourself or your group registered today for this fantastic event!

Get the Gear for Washington DC:

Fired up for Parents Day at Washington DC!Rock your display of support for all parents by getting the gear for your Parents Day Expo event at Washington DC, like social memes, graphics to make event posters with, and other stuff.  Check the CAPRA e-Store for "branded" clothing, travel, camping, and other cool items.

The good cause for restoring and protecting the American Family desperately needs your help, so tell as many different people, organizations, churches, government officials, and businesses as you possibly can.  Repeat often as needed :)

Don't Forget the Proclamations:

Don't forget to promote requesting of official Parents Day Proclamations from your state governor, mayor and/or even other local government officials, using the totally free templates provided, and please consider joining everyone else across the USA within the directly related Trump Challenge: Remind Trump to honor Parents Day!

Bring a copy of your successful Parents Day 2020 Proclamation to your Regional Expo event to include on display with others, and we promise it will be kept safe in plastic.

Note: This website is under constant construction. So, please don't hesitate to come check back often for important updates, like any new events being planned in your local area.